Our CUSHIONS & CUBES are containers for stories, each holding a unique collection of 100% shredded junk mail or bits and pieces from your life--Your Story. These pillow and ottoman cases have inviting windows through which you can see the stuffing and a zipper down the back for refilling. Showcase your personal style while doing something good for the planet.   



Cushions & Cubes are stuffed with PaperWool's eco-fill, 100% shredded junk mail. And be on the lookout for our periodically-available specialty stuffings: theater playbills, exhibition brochures, and more. For our pillows, we also offer a case only option, allowing you to fill them with your own junk mail or other repurposed paper. Stuff them with past issues of your favorite magazine, old family recipes, drafts of that first novel, architectural drawings, comic books...things that make you happy, that remind you of good times, proud accomplishments, your travels, your family, you. Let PaperWool tell Your Story.


Peer through the windows to see snippets of words, cuttings of color, a unique story in every pillow or ottoman. Whether it be shredded junk mail or your own collection of repurposed paper, our Cushions & Cubes are green inside and out.



Our Cushion & Cubes are handmade using natural fiber textiles. Made in small batches, we offer a rotating selection of fabrics. When we come across an irresistible fabric in limited quantity, we number each pillow or ottoman in the batch with our Limited Edition label. And if you have a particular look in mind, we create custom pieces in a fabric of your choosing.



Each case comes with a zipper tag, a mini-book of surprising paper waste facts. Are you stuffing your pillow with your own repurposed paper? Every collection has a story behind it. The pillow zipper tag comes with additional pages for you to tell yours.