Dear Friend,

I have always loved furniture and the fixings that make home an inviting, familiar space. In the home where I grew up, it was common to hear hammering late into night, the sound of my mother building furniture in the basement. She frequently used bits of wood, old window frames, or abandoned glass in her creations. Collections of discovered materials eventually found their way into my own creations. I became particularly interested in collecting materials that cycle in and out of our every day--like junk mail--and finding a new, more eco-conscious use for them.


As far back and I can remember, storytelling also captivated me. Summer 1988, age 9, I poured over an old metal typewriter to write America’s next great novel: a three page trilogy about a talking penguin, bound with packing tape and brown paper grocery bag. The stories I tell today, I offer to you not wrapped in brown paper grocery bags but in zippered pillow and ottoman cases.


PaperWool Cushions & Cubes hold life’s bits & pieces, from shredded junk mail to past issues of your favorite magazine to drafts of your first novel. They’re a whole new take on green furniture.  



Valerie Linhart Mallya
Founder of PaperWool


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