Welcome to PaperWool

Posted on April 20, 2013 by Valerie Mallya

Welcome! I am so excited to introduce PaperWool. Founded in Philadelphia with support from The University of the Arts Corzo Center and Wells Fargo Creative Incubator, we have had a great response so far. David Gloss, co-founder of Philly DoGooder, calls us the future of sustainable furniture, and Philly Tech Meetup describes our Cushions as stylish eco-friendly pillows. We've been mentored by GoodCompany Ventures, interviewed by Empowerment Group, and participated in Lean Startup Machine. Thank you to them and all our amazing friends.


I'm in the midst of sewing and scoping out more great fabrics. Cushions & Cubes will be available soon. Want to be the first to know when? Send us your email . Check back here at Notebook to read about our new collections, limited editions, holiday sales, events, green living, design ideas, and all things PaperWool. We hope what inspires us will inspire you.





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